Purbrook Junior School

School PE (Summer Term)

Purbrook Junior School’s Post Lockdown PE Lesson Guidance


  • PE lessons to be taken outside wherever possible.
  • Indoor PE will only consist of yoga, pilates and activities related to team sports, for example practising specific techniques.
  • No sharing of PE equipment or playtime equipment between class bubbles. Therefore we advise you to adjust your planning accordingly.
  • PE must be taken one class at a time – by the teacher and their bubble adults. PPA teachers will remain with the same class all day.

Outdoor or Indoor Fitness (All year groups with differentiation on cards)

These fitness cards can be downloaded and printed.  Each activity can  be attached to a cone and spaced out on the grass or playground. Children to rotate around each station. Atempting to complete as many repitions as possible in the set time.

Football Rounders (All year groups)

A simple, fun game which introduces players to the concept of Rounders


O Batter can kick ball anywhere in the forward area O All Batters run together in a line

O Alter size of pitch

O Change the scoring system

O Batter out if caught

O Hit from Batting Tee or throw ball out


How to play

O Recommended number of players =l 2 (6 v 6) O Can be played with more or less

O Batting Team: first Batter kicks ball out between 1st and 3rd Post and runs around pitch towards 4th Post

O Fielding Team: stop Batter from scoring by lining up behind initial Fielder and passing the ball over their heads to the last Fielder who shouts ‘stop’ 

O When all Batters have had one turn change over O Scoring: score l point for each post passed by the Batter

O Or, use Rounders rules


Focus Question

What is the best technique for sprinting?

Where is the most effective place to kick the ball?

 What is the aim of asking Fielders to line up?

Outdoor PE Challenges

Try some of these challenges during your PE lessons. You could set each challenge as a station and rotate the children around. Maybe try the 5 minute jogging challenge at the beginning of all lessons.

Drop us a message if you have any questions!

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