Continuing Professional Development

Primary PE Staff CPD

Physical Education and sport are often taught by a range of staff in most primary schools, from teachers who are experienced, through to teachers who have no prior experience.

All of our CPD sessions are taught by experienced practitioners and can be tailored to meet your primary schools specific needs. 

Let us tailor a package to suit your schools needs…

PE delivery for non-specialist teachers

Do you need support in builing teacher confidence in delivering a broad range of topics? Are teachers confident that all children are making good progress within their PE lessons?

Planning and Assessment

Does your planning have clear differentiation as well as progressive lessons and units? Are you able to access the children to ensure good progress and attainment?

Ensuring engagement for all

Are you able to engage all children regardless of their ability and needs? Are children being challenged through competion?

Leadership development for new and aspiring heads of primary PE

Is there a clear vision for PE within your school? Do you need support implementing your PE curriculum?

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Sport4Primary aims to re-energise primary school sport through focusing on improving participationincreasing competition and promoting active lifestyles.