Sports4Primary PE Curriculum

Sports4Primary PE Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our Sport4Primary Curriculum provides a context for rich, exciting and memorable learning experiences. Sporting topics are planned as learning journeys which motivate the children with an exciting ‘hook’ and finish with an intra competition to provide a real purpose and audience. School Games values are promoted throughout the curriculum so that children can have a firm foundation for life-long learning.

    Our curriculum will be tailored to your school to ensure:

    Active and healthy lifestyles

    Increased participation in competitive sport

    High Quality PE provision

    All children actively participating in sport

    Long term improvements with a sustainable impact over time

    Quality CPD for staff

    Curriculum Impact

    Our Sport4Primary Curriculum improves all pupils’ core skills and confidence in PE. It also allows the more able pupils to be identified and extended whilst challenge others to make excellent progress. Children’s progress and attainment is assessed across 6 core skills as well as additional sport specific skills.

    Our curriculum is also underpinned by 6 core values which link directly to those adopted by the Hampshire School Games. 

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    Sport4Primary aims to re-energise primary school sport through focusing on improving participationincreasing competition and promoting active lifestyles.